Ovidenii Traditions in Moldova

Known as the Day of Light , now light candles for the dead and fall pumpkin pie , and fish Varzari * according to popular tradition , the winter begins Ovidenii

Every year , on November 21 , Christians celebrate into the church of Our Lady feast known as Vovidenia or Ovideniile people . Tradition says that the Ovidenii known as light Day , winter really starts . Magic rituals that take place now are designed to bring confidence in the power of every man , and the evil spirits that appear under the protection of night can be removed easily.
Alms for the dead
Ovidenia is one of the most important celebrations of Advent . On this day people, especially those in the country, used to prepare cabbage and pumpkin pies , which they share a handout. ” These traditions are found throughout Moldova” , said Julian Bucur , ethnographer History Museum ” Iulian Antonescu ” in Bacau .
It is said that the open skies Ovidenii animals becomes eloquent and these wonders can be seen only by people with pure souls . Candles on this day arrive on the other side and will not ever go out , and their light will guide the souls of the dead . Candles are lit for those who died in terrible circumstances and without the light of this day , and would find only road full moon


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