In mountainous areas , the Archangels were celebrated as patrons of sheep owners of these animals were a big cake of cornmeal called ” cake Ariete ” ( arieţii being separated from sheep rams ), which was considered to be carriers of fecundity . This cake is thrown on the morning of November 8 Tarla sheep , with freedom for between sheep rams . If you fall face up cake was encouraging sign of joy among the shepherds , considering that all the sheep will spring lambs, and if you fall face down cake was great anger in the villages and boroughs Bukovina were made and are today, November 8, remembrance and feasts for the dead and in the church , every Christian lights a candle to be assured of eternal light , guiding the other world .

“Summer Archangels ” take one day. In addition, between Archangels and Christmas must necessarily be three or four days sunny and warm , called ” winter summer ” .

The Saturday before the celebration are feasts for the soul of the dead. Offerings given in alms for the dead, Eve or Day Archangels are called ” Archangels estates .” Each man must light a candle that will be “light forever” in the afterlife . In light candles for both alive and those disappeared without a candle


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