The big day, hoping for tens of thousands of pilgrims- Santa PARASCHIVA IASI

After another night of vigil is celebrated today as scheduled , the day of St. Paraskeva .

An extended day almost a week to the thousands of pilgrims arrive in Iasi across the country, but abroad , can worship the relics . Will officiate at 7:00 Midnight Office , Akathist to the Holy Mother Paraskeva and watches. Mass will begin at 9:00 on the podium specially arranged Stephen the Great in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral .

“Icon of the Mother of God , blessed relics of St. Paraskevi and St. Simeon are threefold but the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi welcomes pilgrims away or closer. God give us the joy of meeting with His saints to protect us from all evil and to help us all good , beautiful and true , “says Archbishop Theophanes , Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina , in his address on the occasion of the feast of St. Paraskeva .


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