Streets closed for holidays Iasi

Pilgrims have brought their toys, books , fairy tales and icons that will sit in small home altars . The youngest came up with your favorite gadgets . An iPhone passed hastily over the shrine with the relics of a young sparks smiles of others.

Divine Miracles of Science
The hopes of those who come year after year to Holy pending miracles are not empty . Aid that it gave many was recorded in a work , benefits of Holy Mother Paraskeva , Testimonies of worshipers . “Five years ago I had trouble with my feet I grew some hair under the skin. If I waxing , growing hairs and infected skin further . I worked many years using plants, herbal creams , teas , antibiotics , creams recommended by a dermatologist , but all I have done more harm , “says Loredana O., Suceava .

Waves of pilgrims to the miraculous icon of the Patriarchate – PHOTO GALLERY

Reading on the internet about one of the wonders wrought by the Holy of Iasi , this also came on pilgrimage here . ” I prayed at the relics of St. every night then I glued cotton holy feet . After two weeks the skin was the same, but I never lost hope , I continued . Not long after , I noticed that the skin no longer infect so much a month and my pain has completely disappeared , ” May Loredana says .

Pilgrims still going through the holy shrine . Going shy , pious , faithful , doing without knowing , the greatest miracle of orthodoxy : union by faith. That belief turned the soul , which can move mountains


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