As believers share the holy power of Iasi

I sit for hours in a row kilometers. They came from all over the country . Bears in mind the hope that the hard way that I have passed through will save . The hands bear small pieces of wool , handkerchiefs and , invariably , a handful of basil flavor . They are travelers who come every year in Iasi in mid-October at the largest Orthodox pilgrimage in the country

Old and young , sick , rich or poor, we all sit quietly on the same line of hope to move quietly through the coffin which is filed Saint Paraskeva . All hope for a miracle . All hopes braving wind, crowding , hunger, thirst and fierce eyes of those who say that Iaşi was ” invaded ” by foreigners will be able to lay before the holy prayers and wishes that are said to work wonders .

Faith and trade around St. Paraskeva

They take pictures , prayers offered , link to friends and make promises of reunion next year in the same queue . And not even reached the shrine . In fact, many say it is the great miracle of Iasi : meet people of all conditions united by the same faith that could move mountains .

Arsenal objects passed over the coffin of St. Paraskeva is quite varied : clothes , flowers , handkerchiefs and small pieces of wool , and diapers, prescriptions or iPhones …

Pilgrims hi -tech
Arsenal objects moving through the Holy shrine and icon golden touch in front canopy is adorned with white flowers this year but may vary. Hands determined relics click box bags with clothes, flowers , handkerchiefs and small pieces of cotton . A mother- cuddle some baby clothes and a diaper . Parents holy children . An old man with trembling hands touch shy of a handful of medical tests icon . He is sick . He came face to Iasi , treatment, and stayed the night before at all to pass through the Holy . “What can doctors do here,” said the old man.

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