At its meeting on February 28, 1950 , the Holy Synod of our Church decided canonization of saints Romania and widespread cult of saints whose relics are found in our country. Judgment was transposed act within large religious festivities during October 1955. In the case of St. Paraskeva , her cult generalization made ​​in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi, on 14 October 1955 in the presence of numerous Roman hierarchs and representatives of Russian and Bulgarian Orthodox Churches .

For this , Mother Paraskeva was honest in our Church centuries on end . Since the end of the fourteenth century there was a church dedicated in inari Reverend Paraskevi , near Sibiu and in 1408 we find the existence of a church dedicated to Saint Friday in ” Roman Fair .” Many other churches in Moldova and other parts of the Romanian land have the same name . Her face or her life scenes are painted in different Romanian churches . True believers everywhere Christians revere both through their participation in the jobs of 14 October each year , and those in Iasi and surroundings through its venerable worship of relics , demanding protection and help.

Wherefore we to honor and pray like this:

” For you always hope for many diseases and dangers to this country redeemed , comforting and prefacand mania started on the right with our God, the good and gracious mercy by your own prayers , but now terrified us great misfortunes , to you we strive to tears , help us to get rid of distress and sing to God: Alleluia . ” ( The Pious Akathist , Kontakion 3).


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