So many years enduring the monastery of nuns and shown the need by many good deeds , full of the twenty- fifth year of age , came from here and went to Joppa and entering into a boat began to float on track went home, and got the boat to shore after suffering his homeland many dangers of crushing the boat into the sea. Then came always left out in Constantinople , and after Divine investigated pockets and saints men left and came to some particular Calicratia and sat there at the church holy and all-laudable Apostle dwelt defied the party parents noble, and mocking wisely cunning wiles misleading . So two years spent there and the flood undefiled dove flying these flowing heavenly tabernacle rested entrusting hands of angels and holy soul through them the eternal and divine abodes , and the body of the earth and embellished with divine hidden land improvements . Long after it has passed and someone bad debt spending public organization fulfilling life and was buried near the pious , but she wanted the experience , too brave , but holy men oarecaruia of showing himself in a dream : ” High, said, , this body and throw it , the sun is light and darkness and dirt can not stand . ” But lingering that godly man, a divine creature Pious considering it to normal or normal dream , and the second and third again called holy to the horror and terrible . And when he came to the monk himself after properly and in the name of Saint , who blames place too early and diligently arose discovered vision people out there that are all running public treasury as a very enrichment dug earth . And after he approached the coffin , filled with the scent , and that the holy body of St. whole being completely guarded him with pious hands brought the Holy Apostles church , filling the air of spices and incense and singing divine psalms . But one wonders committed after placing her relics here , the God of miracles through it and so far commits , writing is impossible to give them , because overwhelming , so to speak and count the stars and the sands of the sea . Since heal lame , deaf , crippled , lame and all sorts of diseases, even the death atingatoare , and soon to say , remove all unhealed helplessness , only reaching coffin that does not stop or cease , richly shed healing grace of Jesus Christ , him who praised it.


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