Another legend speaks of a Muslim saint, Baba Sari Saltuk a Mahometan religion propăvăduitor the 1300s. It appeared to him in a dream Asian shepherd, asking him to come into the province of Dobrogea to look grave. At that time, the pastor Koyun Baba left his farm and came to the Black Sea in Romania. Although centuries had passed since the death of Sari Saltuk, shepherd found his tomb in Babadag, becoming himself a saint.

Also recomdăm you visit and Gazi Ali Pasha Mosque, built in 1610 and situated on the main road connecting Tulcea constant. In the courtyard of the mosque can find the tomb rectory and leading their eternal sleep founder mosque. You should know that the mosque, building up time of Sultan Mehmet III century, was restored in 1999. History has not been kind to this place just because it was burned during the Russo-Turkish War of 1876. Subsequently, the window has changed, the roof and ceiling were changed, and the sides of the building were placed additional doors, built as a minaret.


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