Babadag city

About Tulcea can say that is one of the most beautiful and spectacular counties. Aci are many tourist attractions with great value for Romania and cities that seem to fit in perfect harmony with nature. Such Babadag city is located in the river basin Tabana , the hills not exceeding heights of 250 m

In ancient times , in the city there is a settlement period , which was called Vicus Norvus being mentioned in an inscription dating from Roman times , namely in the year 178 . As proof that here was a Roman settlement and the remains of the Roman era are found in the city center today. The first documentary attestation dates from 1263 Babadag after Doobrogea was conquered by the Ottoman Empire . In Turkish, the name translates Mount Babadag father .

Today in Babadag, visitors can admire the medieval -era buildings such as the sixteenth century Turkish mosque , and the tomb of Ali Pasha Gazi . We can not overlook the fountain Kalaigi House Panagia or mausoleum of Sari Saltuk Dede . Here at Babadag, can be admired hill Koyun Baba . On top of this hill tapering trees were pulled aside and so there was a glade where faithful Muslims have buried half a century ago , the prophet Koyun Baba . Here is where Father sheep as Koyun translate names Baba, has found the solution to stop the stream of threatening Babadag destroyer . Legends surrounding governors talk about how they tried to throw rocks and dirt on the bottom of the fountain natural , but the stream was unstoppable. Seeing that there’s nothing to do, great Koyun Baba came up with the idea of ​​using sheep’s wool as a sponge, so water will follow the caverns of the earth, leaving people to take their life in peace. Lana was carried thousands of carts up the steep hill and was thrown to the bottom of the crater, one favorable outcome

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