As this channel is approaching sea of reeds Sulina arises. Today is a sad look, as if he had forgotten the world, but a century ago it was an important port which was the largest wheat exports, benefiting from its position and its status as an independent port.   Prosperity was encouraged by economic globalization, but problems due to silt and creating Danube – Black Sea led to the transformation of Sulina.   You can not go by without visiting the Maritime Cemetery Sulina. Surely, most of you will ask yourself why a cemetery on the list of tourist attractions. Well, Sulina Maritime Cemetery is a cemetery otherwise. With over 300 years of history and stories of pirates, sailors brave and drama lovers waiting to be heard by the minute.   Sulina is and will be one of the main attractions of the country, here where cold and rough waters of the Danube meet the pure blue waters of the Black Sea. Here is sensitive gifts made ​​by nature because recommends geographical position as feasible and favorable for organization of domestic and international tourism.   In the hope that I aroused the interest, please see the Sulina and the city whose name it bears. It is a unique opportunity to find stories that have managed to endure dozens, hundreds of years through the mists of time.


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