Wooden Church “Saint Nicholas” common Păuleşti

Vrancea village Păuleşti is located at a distance of about 70 km from the city of Focsani. The commune includes two villages, Păuleşti and Hăulişca. Settlement is attested since 1507, the establishment of the settlement based on the legend of Baba Vrâncioaia, that, thanks to the help given by the old woman’s seven sons Stephen the Great in battle against the Turks, he rewarded them by making them lords over Seven Vrancea mountains. This was recorded in a document written on a gold calfskin. Seven villages at the foot of mountains formed today bear the names of the sons Baba Vrâncioaia: Bodeşti, Spireşti, Negrileşti, Bârseşti, dashed Păuleşti and Nistoreşti.
The common form is also wooden church dedicated to “Saint Nicholas” church historical monument. Do not know exactly the year of construction of the worship, its architectural and decorative elements placing raising church somewhere in the eighteenth century. It is known, however, that building the church was carried out and the village community work.
The church is three-lobed wooden altar, having polygonal. The entire building is wrapped in shingles and is divided into porch, narthex, nave and altar, all Orthodox churches. Above the porch, located in the western church steeple is quite short, with a prismatic shape. The porch is left open by the masters, to better admire the flower carved pillars. The interior is embellished by painted icons of all the locals, who had demonstrated mastery of the entire building completed.
In common Păuleşti will discover one of the most spectacular waterfalls Vrancea, although less memory, waterfall “Horn”. Waterfall descending from Vrancea Mountains has a height of about 25 meters, located in a hidden corner of the mountains in a picturesque setting. The fact that water down the goal without touching the wall of the mountain, offers a rare beauty of this waterfall.
You can also visit the natural keys Tisita. Due to the bulk composition of Tisita basin, protected area has a huge hoard comprising various elements of fauna, flora and geological elements that give the area a great scientific value.


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