Mişina Falls is located in the upper basin of the stream Mişina, Vrancea county. It was formed as a result of past tectonic processes, resulting waterfall about 12 meters.
Ridge Reserve is dominated by Mishin, east and Făgetu Round Peak to the west. There were found 122 species of higher plants, their origin being similar to those of neighboring protected areas.
Reserve pots Zabala is the role of ecological corridor area, protecting large carnivores in the county.
With regard to the access roads, forest roads in the valleys there Bălosu and Mişina streams.
If all you’ve come to the region, you can not miss neighboring protected areas. One of these is the reserve bridle pots, found in the upper course of the bridle, at the confluence with the brook Zarna. The area is special look to the bed, the rocks have been carved by the river and through the valuable elements of flora and fauna that are present in the reserve. The name “buckets” comes from the massive sandstone carvings on packages riverbed.
The North Ridge Reserve meet beautiful, Muse and Black Hill Ridge in the southwest and southeast ridge Vetrila.
Another place worth visiting is the Reserve “live shots”, located Subcarpaţii Vrancea Milcov right bank, at an altitude of 430 m in 1973 to establish a geological So here, with an area of ​​12 ha. Gas reached the surface burn alone or can be ignited, causing flames colored with shades of yellow, red and blue. The flames reach heights of up to 50 cm, and even during earthquakes exceed 2 meters. The size, number and intensity of fires vary from season to season and from the night to day. Gas emanations flow is influenced by rainfall and groundwater level. In addition to methane, to the end surface and small amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium.


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