The palace was built up in 1702 by Romanian Constantin Brâncoveanu Renaissance architectural style or style brâncovenesc a combination of elements with elements Venetian Ottoman style previously used at another palace of the ruler, he built the Potlogi. The work was completed on the day of September 20, 1702, according to the inscription on the east side of the palace. Start date of construction is not known, but it is known that Brâncoveanu began to buy land in the area in 1681.

After 1714, when Constantine Brâncoveanu was carried to Constantinople with his entire family, the entire family fortune was confiscated by the Ottomans and the palace was turned into an inn. Redeemed by Prince Stefan Cantacuzino, he returned then ban Constantin Brâncoveanu great grandson Prince, and remained in possession of the family until the early nineteenth century.


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