Complex Buidilings

The main building of the complex is the Palace built by Constantine Mogoşoaia Brâncoveanu with princely family apartments on the first floor, where it reaches a large courtyard directly outside gives a balcony located on the facade. The ground floor contains the palace servants’ rooms and the basement is a cellar with a ceiling of four domes. The facade of the lake is also a special one inspired Venetian loggia with three arches.

Cuhnia (Brancovan cuisine) is in the palace, with four ventilation towers. Tower gate guards the entrance to the courtyard. As he can climb a ladder outside. Both the gate tower and Martha cuhnia Bibescu were restored between 1922 and 1930.

Greenhouses MogoşoaiaCapela George Bibescu palace, built in 1880 houses the tombs after Bibescu family, including Prince Michael and George Basarab-Brâncoveanu dead airmen during the Second World War.

Mogoşoaia greenhouses were built after 1890 by French architects and are still used for growing flowers and the arts education workshop for children.

Glacier served to store summer ice brought from Lake Mogoşoaia, located nearby.

The church “St. George” is outside the palace walls near the gate tower. Founded by Constantine Brâncoveanu and completed in 1688, shortly before its founder to become ruler, it houses the tomb of George-Valentin Bibescu and votive painting that represents them Brâncoveanu Constantine and his four sons.

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