CIsmigiu Hotel in Bucharest


Cismigiu hotel in Bucharest, owned by Spanish company Hercesa, was reopened Wednesday after 17 years in the building was not functional after a few more years to work on renovations. Almost 15 million were invested in the reconstruction of the hotel unit.

After reconstruction of the original facade has been preserved, with architectural elements from 1912, when the hotel was opened. The interior was rebuilt from scratch

The hotel has 60 apartments which targets tourists who want to accommodate the long term. The apartments have a size between 38 and 50 square meters, and the comfort level is four stars.

Earthworks are completed fully, so that early next year will open Gambrinus brewery and a restaurant will be located on the 6th floor. Also next year will be functional and conference rooms.

“Our target are expats, people in the diplomatic corps, and tourists. Estimate revenues of 1.5 million euros in the first year of operation,” said hotel manager opening Wednesday Hercesa Romania, Mauricio Gomez Mesa, according to Tuesday.

Buildings in the hotel already hosting Cervantes Spanish Cultural Institute and a Humanitas bookstore.

Cismigiu hotel, originally called Palace, was built in 1912 and had 200 rooms. In 1948, when it was nationalized, the name was changed to Hotel Cismigiu. After 1990, the hotel was converted into home for students, and five years later the building was closed, being in an advanced state of decay.

Hercesa bought the building in 2005 and renovation work began in 2009. Hercesa is a Spanish company with business and industrial real estate and built more than 20,000 apartments. Company manages apartments for rent and is present on the Romanian market since 2004.


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