Restoration actions in the twentieth century [edit] In

Restoration actions in the twentieth century [edit] In 1940, Marshal Ion Antonescu start a restoration action, wanting to become Plumbuita National Pantheon of the heroes in the war to reunite the nation and resting place to be in this place. Further development of the events and outcome of the Second World War did not allow complete this project. In the years 1954-1955, the monastery church is restored by Patriarch Justinian care. It is consecrated on June 24, 1958, the abbot Archimandrite Sofian Bogie.

The monastery is currently [update] the current ensemble of the monastery includes:

minster, conch plan, the tower on the nave
Princely House
The royal house is a museum that includes religious art objects, 130 busts of Romanian rulers (carved in stone by Abbot Simeon Tatu) and original murals. The monastery library, museum known old book contains valuable titles, some 500 years old.

Inside the church are the relics of St. Nicholas and Holy Martyr George, Panteleimon and John the New of Suceava.

In the monastery operates workshops Section of Painting, Restoration and Heritage at the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest. Until recently, the monastery had carving workshops, carpentry mechanical and manual preparation and processing workshops incense cult metal objects, including a section of cast bells. (The largest bell cast Plumbuita monastery has 1200 kg and is subject to Radu Voda Monastery in Bucharest).

Today, the monastery is subject to extensive renovations. Princely House Museum is closed for restoration. Workshops were moved temporarily Popesti Leordeni. It is building a new access road to the monastery, from the river Colentina.

Current congregation (2007) consists of ten monks of the monastery, the abbot Archimandrite Bessarion Marinescu.

Monastery constant support numerous projects for needy families in the local community. Inside the monastery Establishment Vasiliada work for social welfare. The settlement has a doctor, a dentist and a pharmacy, established and supported by sponsors, which benefit low-income population, if possible, free healthcare and medicine


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