beautiful places in Bucharest

Places to visit in Bucharest – Bucharest City Museum Palace Shutzu
Şutu Palace is a building in Bucharest, located in the university, District 3, built between 1833-1835, by architect Conrad Schwink Vienna and Johann Veit. The building is built in the Gothic style. Now it houses the Museum of Bucharest.

It is an object in the Universities, opposite corner Hospital visit. From time to time, various exhibition halls of the museum host, as is the case with the exhibition “medieval instruments of torture” to be able to be accessed until June this year.

These include iron maiden (preferably Countess Bathory) Judas cradle seat interrogation, Garota, water torture, witches seat, wheel, various masks of shame, impaled, mass torture and many other tools that have gift you thrill to sneak in bone only when you look at them! The instruments are original, made ​​in Poland and belong to private collections, each instrument with the story and history

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