Current and future development The airport is currently undertaking


Current and future development


The airport is currently undertaking Phase III of its development program, a €150 million investment, which consist of the expansion of Departure Hall, Arrivals Hall and the concourse. At the end of this phase, the terminal will have a processing capacity of 4,500 passengers per hour,[8] and the airport’s capacity is expected to raise to a total of 6 mil. passengers annually on both domestic and international routes.[9]


Beyond Phase III, a new terminal building (Henri Coandă 2), located at the Eastern end of the current location is envisaged. Henri Coandă 2 will be of a modular design, consisting of 4 separate buildings, each capable of individually handling 5 million passengers annually. Each module will be built as traffic demands will dictate. Thus, by 2023, Terminal 2 alone should be able to handle the 20 million passengers per year indicated by estimates. The terminal will be connected to the future A3 motorway, to the railway system and to the Bucharest Metro system as Bucharest Metro Line M6.[10]




The airport’s facilities consist of a single terminal with two main buildings (occasionally considered to be separate terminals). These two buildings are the Departures Hall (formerly known as International Departures Hall) and the Arrivals Hall (formerly known as International Arrivals/Domestic Hall).[11] A walkway with several shops connects the buildings. The airside concourse (the so-called finger terminal) is organized in two separate (Schengen/non-Schengen) passengers transit flows.[12]


The airport has a total of 32 gates (of which 14 equipped with jetways).[7]


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