St. Constantine came cruelly persecuted Christians for two

St. Constantine came cruelly persecuted Christians for two centuries as a blessing from God. Thanks to Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena, Christianity entered a period of maximum flowering researchers called “Golden Age”, the holy men and great minds, such as St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great , St. Gregory the Theologian, exhibited their works and spirit of true Christian doctrine, said on Sunday, AFP, the spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate, Father Constantin Stoica.

More and more researchers believe that king’s decisions favorable to Christianity, were due mostly to his mother, Empress Helena, who, “with an iron fist and strong faith” was always in the shadow of his only son, Constantine.

Flavia Iulia Helena was born in the province of Bithynia, as the daughter of an innkeeper. She was married in 270 (when he was 16 years old) with the Roman general Constantius Chlorus, and in 272 gave birth to his only son, Constantine, the city Naissus (in Serbia).

In 293, Emperor Diocletian commanded to divorce and named Constantius Caesar to the Western Roman Empire. In this capacity, he married Theodora, the stepdaughter of Emperor Maximilian, with whom he had six children. Elena has not remarried and lived in the shadows, away from the public eye, but close to his son, which he supported with love and affection
In the year 306, his son was proclaimed August as the Empire Roman army, immediately after the death of Constantius Chlorus. He brought his mother to the imperial court, conferring the title of “Nobilissima Femina” (too noble lady). In 325, St. St. Constantine and Elena offer the highest distinction that can get a woman, that of “Augusta”.

In 325, Saint Helena went on an expedition to Jerusalem to inquire of the Holy Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. In those times, Jerusalem was the Roman emperor Adrian begun rebuilding after disaster Jewish revolt in AD 70. This king built the tomb of the Lord, near Golgotha​​, a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Venus. Was the most appropriate place to start searches, so Saint Helena, accompanied by St. Macarius, Bishop of Jerusalem, decided tearing down the temple and performing excavations that bring to light the object honest Christian. According to tradition, after the excavation they found three crosses, but they could not identify the cross on which Jesus was crucified, the three crosses that have reached a dead body that was raised when the Lord’s Cross has been reached.

At that time, St. Macarius Cross showed crowds gathered, and then to this day is celebrated Holy Cross on September 14. Empress Helena took with her a part of the Cross of the Lord, and nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus, which put them in the palace chapel.

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