In addition to these measures, Saint Constantine gave

In addition to these measures, Saint Constantine gave a series of laws that helped the Christians. In 312 the generalized Sunday as day of rest throughout the Empire, in 317 began to coin money monogrammed Christian priests and church tax exempt and army banned the practice of bloody sacrifices, offered for practicing Christians imperial cult buildings.

St. Constantine the Great was baptized on his deathbed by Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, his upcoming biography. He died shortly after in Nicomedia and was buried in Constantinople in the church founded by him.

Saints Constantine and Helen are the protectors of the Patriarchal Cathedral. Founded by Prince Constantin Serban Basarab Romanian Country (1654-1658), church dedicated to “St. Constantine and Elena” was consecrated in 1658 by Patriarch Macarius of Antioch and All the East, along with Stephen Bishop and the bishops of the Romanian Country Râmnic and Buzau.

Patriarchal Cathedral celebrates month dedicated to history and also 10 years since PF but Theoctistus received the relics of Saints. On this occasion, Monday morning will be taken in procession relics of Saints Constantine and Helen and St. Dimitrie the New, Protector of Bucharest, which will be placed on the canopy near the Cathedral.
Over 1.1 million women and men around 640.00 celebrate their birthday month of Saints Constantine and Helen, Administaţiei and Interior Ministry informs.

Among the Romanian 1,800,634 which celebrates its birthday of Saints Constantine and Helena, 640,518 are men and 1,160,116 are women, according to statistics from the Directorate for Personal Records and Database Administration within the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI).

Of the women who celebrate their birthday, Elena called 884 229, 124 773 and 69 944 are Ileana are called Lenuţa. Other 53 613 women called Constanta, 26 811 are named Constantina, 4,279 – and 1,467 Leana – Nuti.

Most men, respectively 495 656, are called Constantine, another named Costel 80.037 and 33.386, cost. Also, men are called Costin 20.002, 10.487 – Costinel, 635 – and 315 Costi – Costelus.

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