During his time in Jerusalem, Saint Helena began

During his time in Jerusalem, Saint Helena began construction of the tomb of the Lord Church (Church of the Resurrection) in Bethlehem and the Mount of Olives. Having spent the last stage of life to the holy places, in the year 330 died. Her coffin, a true artistic jewel can be admired at the Vatican Museum.

Saint Helena has traditionally enjoyed a special devotion from Christians. Her name, which translates as “torch”, “torch”, “sunshine”, is worn by countless faithful. In her honor amounted churches, monasteries, theological or social establishments. It was and remains a symbol of purity, parental love, hope and genuine faith.

For the care that showed a poor and simple people, for intense concern for the problems of Christianity, but also piety and strong faith, Empress Elena is honored as a saint in Christendom. In the Orthodox Church, Saints Constantine and Helena are commemorated on May 21.

Also, is the patron Saint Helena archaeologists because they endeavor to seek the Cross Christ.

During his reign, St. Constantine took a series of decisions that changed the fate of Christianity.


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