ingleseitalianospagnolo The atrocities [edit]Vlad Tepes at the table in


The atrocities [edit]
Vlad Tepes at the table in the shade of the condemned to the stake nell’incunabolo of the late fifteenth century published in Strasburgo.Lo instrument of torture preferred by Vlad III was impalement. The methods of impalement were basically two:

The first was the use of a metal shaft slaying sentenced the abdomen and then hoist it up. Death could be immediate or occur after hours of agony.
The second method of impalement was the use of an auction greased rounded end that was inserted into the rectum of the victim, which was then hoisted and kept skewered, the weight itself was convicted of entering the auction within the body and death also came up after two days of slow agony.
Dracula learned this form of torture by the Turks, then adapting it to its most specific demands: he created different methods to impale thieves, the enemy warriors, the ambassadors of the Sultan, the traitors etc..

The rich were impaled laying them higher than the other, or by coating the silver rod.
For merchants had engraved notches on the rod, in order to increase the time of agony.
In the city of Sibiu, in 1460 Vlad Tepes had impaled 10,000 people, some bodies and sprinkled with honey to attract every type of insect.
Women macchiatesi of treason against her husband were impaled in front of their home.
In 1459, during the feast day of St. Bartholomew, Brasov, Dracula had invited to the palace some merchants who had shown hatred and contempt for his person. He decided to satiate them of food and, therefore, he ripped up the first and the second forced to eat what my colleague, lifeless, his stomach. The last merchant was boiled and its flesh was fed to the dogs.
In 1461, two ambassadors of the turkish Sultan Mehmed came into the building, because that was the opportunity to Vlad III to make peace with the sultan Mehmed who was his enemy, and the most powerful Muslim empire that could destroy the Wallachia without the slightest effort. When bowed at the feet of Vlad III bowed their heads as a sign of respect, but you wanted to remove his turban because it was the symbol of their religion. But the gesture was fatal, because it was a sign of contempt for Dracula, which irritated by that gesture, he ordered to nail the turban on the head of Ambassadors.
The same Dracula loved to watch the agony of executed, so as to make a habit of feasting in the midst of the truck on which were impaled. This does assume that Dracula was a sadist

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