ingleseitalianospagnolo According to reign: 1456-1462 [edit]The Sultan Mohammed II.Nell


According to reign: 1456-1462 [edit]
The Sultan Mohammed II.Nell ‘summer of 1456, with the battle of Belgrade, Hunyadi stopped the advance of the Ottomans but died shortly afterwards because of the plague spread in his camp. While Mehmed II was focused on Hungary, Dracula returned in Wallachia and ousted Vladislav II, taking the throne for himself. [4] Vlad III was crowned by Metropolitan Vlach in the church of Curtea de Arges [5], built by his father. Many boyars faithful to Vladaslav II had fled to Transylvania and joined in the wake of a new anti-prince of Dăneşti, Dan III of Wallachia.

Dracula, in need of support against the Ottomans, tied stable relations with its neighbors. Took the oath of allegiance to the crown of Hungary, now in the hands of Ladislas the Posthumous, promising privileges to the Saxon merchants in Wallachia. In 1457, Dracula put his claim to the throne of Moldova Ştefan cel Mare, who defeated and put to flight the usurper Petru Aron. Vlad was not yet strong enough to fight openly Mohammed II so he had to initially pay taxes established by the agreements made by his father Murad II, presented annually to the Sublime Porte for formal tribute to the sultan and, in 1458, allowed the transit of forces Turkish who attacked the Hungarians to the fortress of Turnu Severin, on the Romanian territory. [6] Starting in 1459, the need to strengthen its position put Vlad in contrast with the rich Saxon merchants but who was at that time the sympathy of the new king of Hungary, Matthias Corvinus, rappacificatosi with the Emperor Frederick III. The voivode sedava meanwhile the discontent of his boyars with an iron fist, ordering the massacre of the “Easter of Blood in Targoviste” [7].

Matthias Corvinus of Hungary. Already in 1457 the exiled Dan III had him appointed voivod in the Orthodox cathedral in Braşov, usurping the title of Dracula and formally taking the court in a camp on the hill of Timpa, near the city. The imminent war was temporarily averted by the mediation of Szilágyi, Hungarian governor of Transylvania (1458), but was revived in 1459: Dan was forced to flee, while Vlad, after devasato the outskirts of Brasov impaled several followers of the opponent on the hill of Timpa. In 1460, Dan won the fortresses of Brasov and Fagaras, but was defeated on the field of Rucăr by Vlad and eliminated. Dracula then gave the massacre of the followers of Dan Brasov and Fagaras, taking care not to touch the Saxon merchants and negotiating an agreement with anti-turkish Matthias Corvinus. In need of a stable southern border while negotiating an alliance with anti-Habsburg George of Poděbrady, ruler of the Kingdom of Bohemia, Matthias accepted the overtures of Vlad and promised to marry a girl of his family (1461).

In 1462 the conflict between Muhammad II and Vlad III exploded. The voivode captured and made impaling put the sultan (the greek Thomas Cataboleno and the Bey of Nicopolis Hamza Ceakîrdjibasi), then crossed the Danube and invaded the ice for 800 km in Ottoman territory, making depredations Chilia to Rahova (at the mouth of the Jiu ). The account of the expedition, made by Vlad ally Mattia, speaks of 23,883 dead “without counting those who were burned alive in their homes or whose heads were not shown to our officers.”

Matthias Corvinus, however, did not join the crusade launched by Dracula, leaving the voivode alone against retaliation Turkish. Worse, Ştefan cel Mare betrayed Vlad and allied himself to Muhammad in order to regain the fortress Moldovan Chilia, occupied by Wallachian. Forced to divide his forces (about 30,000 men in all) between Chilia and the Danube, Vlad was hit by the army of the Sultan (60,000, perhaps 80,000 men) to the fortress of Vidin. Forced to withdraw while the invaders passed the Danube (June 4), Vlad attacked the camp at night with Ottoman perhaps 10,000 men trying to kill Muhammad himself (17-18 June). The famous Night Attack Dracula scompaginò the Ottoman file but missed its primary objective: the physical elimination of Mohammed II. On June 18, Vlad fled, escaping another confrontation Targoviste and leaving the enemy. While the fugitive Dracula arroccava in the mountains, the sultan appointed Radu cel Frumos new voivode of Wallachia and left to him the burden of continuing the fight against the Impaler.

Vlad was finally ousted from power by order of Matthias Corvinus, who had him arrested and imprisoned him


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