Gallery [edit] The only real portrait of Vlad

Gallery [edit] The only real portrait of Vlad the Impaler was part of the “gallery of horrors” of the Castle of Ambras, Tyrol in Austria:

“The prince is depicted three-quarters, with the head, above the long curly hair, a red velvet hat adorned with eight-row pearl. On the front, a gold star with eight points set with a huge ruby rectangular supports a plume in the lower part of which stand five large pearls. The eyebrows are arched and overhanging two large gray-green eyes. A long and slightly aquiline nose with prominent nostrils, encroaches on the long brown mustache, straight and take up almost the entire width of the face. The lower lip, red and protruding, like that of the frames the chin suffering from a slight undershot bite. This combination of aquiline nose and red lips was once called “a beak of a parrot on two cherries.” Vlad Dracula wears a red-orange shirt, a purple tunic, with big round buttons, adorned with precious stones. A mantle of sable with purple frogs also complete the seal. “[13]”

A fresco depicting Vlad, dating back to 1526, adorned the walls of the church of the monastery of Curtea de Arges, but was canceled at the beginning of the nineteenth century by order of the bishop of Arges, who had it replaced by your portrait.

Portraits of Dracula, thanks to the German pamphlet printed up to 1568, circulated throughout Europe. The edition of Vienna of 1463 ushered in the series. It was this representation to fall under the eyes of Pope Pius II in 1463 and a few years later, in those of Leonardo Hefft, the notary of Regensburg, who wrote in this regard:

“And now his appearance is just cruel and dark, as the painted image of his face has been around more or less everywhere in the world. »

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