Tampa Tampa is a mountain that belongs Postavaru, located


Tampa is a mountain that belongs Postavaru, located in the southern Carpathians and almost entirely surrounded by the city of Brasov.

The mountain is composed mainly of limestone formations, forming in the process gathers the earth’s crust.

Much of it (150 ha) is a nature reserve due to wild animals (bears, lynx, wolves, butterflies – 35% of all species in our country, birds) and rare plants (pea cross, obsiga Barsana) found on this mountain.

Tampa can be reached in several ways: there is the 25 coils, cut in 1837 by the Forestry Department of Brasov Gabony his steps, go Knights, old time or the road of the city center for car “rabbit”.

The unusual with long hikes can take the cable car, which connects Cabana restaurant and a clearing at the foot of Panoramic Restaurant, located on the mountain ridge, in less than three minutes.

The view from the top of Tampa on the stone terrace built in 1873 or that of Bethlen restored, offers a splendid view over the city, and on clear days you can see across the country Barsa


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