Square of Brasov is the best known and

Square of Brasov is the best known and most visited place in the city, being frequented by tourists and locals which is a place of relaxation and meeting point between friends. Frequently there are organized various cultural and artistic events, concerts or fairs acer free theme (Craftsmen’s Fair, fair flowers, etc).

Square is the central point of departure for most of Brasov attractions such as the Black Church, White Tower, Black Tower, bastions of the old city, Rope Street, the access gates to the old city – Schei Gate, Gate Catherine – the old walls of fortress in Tampa, etc..

Since 1520, this place certified as fair, called the documents Markplatz has hosted numerous exhibitions. Annual fair was organized in 1364 with broad participation, where he and overseas merchants. Beautiful houses with arcades around the market could tell more.

In the market there sometime pillory, where witches were tried and public corporal punishment and apply various acts guilty. Here in 1688 was beheaded Stefan Stener, head of shoemakers guild who opposed the Austrians coming out. Market until 1892 there were two wells. The most imposing building is situated in the middle of Town Hall, built in 1420. The old City Hall, now houses the History Museum.


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