History is uncertain the date of the start

History is uncertain the date of the start of construction, probably in a period between 1383 and 1385, by architects and workers from Bulgaria. According to a popular legend, a child who disturbed a mason criticizing his work, this was thrown from the bell tower. His body, to hide the crime, it would have been immured in a wall.

The church was initially served by a priest named Thomas, who died in 1410 and buried in the choir. The construction proceeded slowly: in 1423 Pope Martin V issued an indulgence to raise funds, while a document issued in 1474 by Pope Sixtus IV still bears witness to the delays in the continuation of the aisles. The eastern portal, commissioned by the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus, was built in 1476. The sacristy was enlarged between 1500 and 1515. the entire complex was completed shortly after 1476. The interior was divided into three naves of equal height, the German-inspired.

With the reforms of Johannes Honter (which is dedicated a statue by Harro Magnussen), the church was transferred to the evangelical confession during the sixteenth century. The building was set on fire during the Habsburg ivasione (Great Turkish War) April 21, 1689 and, blackened, assumed its present name. It was renovated in the eighteenth century and thus lost its original appearance. The restorers, from Gdansk, transformed the interior in baroque style.

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